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Reference : 04CGR00, 04CGB00

Gibraltar rubber beams allow you to secure and stabilize your animals in milking parlor or in the holding areas.

Gibraltar is a modular system of rubber beams and polyethylene profile grooves ensuring the stability of your animals in milking or robot holding areas.

Slip reduction

Our solutions

Gibraltar rubber beams have a very non-slip surface. The movement of the cows is done in all serenity on a soft ground. It allows better heat detection.

Modular system of beams and polyethylene profile grooves which are quick and easy to clip together.

Product benefits
  • Groove profile available in blue or red for a more esthetic look.
  • Advanced non-slip design.
  • Easy installation.
Technical specifications

Plan carefully. Product cuts may cause some product loss. 3 stainless steel fasteners.

Dimensions :

1230 (48.42") x 225 (8.86") x 30 mm (1.18")

Gibraltar, rubber beams for milking areas.

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