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Rubber rolls for milking parlour, holding area, entrance and exit lanes.

Delta Diam 16 is a non-slip rubber flooring allowing safe movement on transition areas. The rubber allows better mastitis detection during stripping prior to milking unit attachment.

Reduce stress on your cattle in the milking parlour

Our solutions

Non-slip, Delta Diam 16 rubber roll is the perfect flooring in milking parlour. It reduces the risk of falling and therefore the stress of your cows.

Delta Diam 16 improves milking comfort and dampens noise. As it is a soft rubber it protects the joints, it reduces the problems of lameness, and injuries in the event of a fall.

Product benefits
  • Soft and non-slip surface.
  • Underformable textile inlay.
  • Hygiene and easy maintenance.
  • Easy install for any type of floor.
  • Abrasion resistant.
Technical specifications

Rubber roll

Fasteners included

Compatible with sloped flooring up to 5% max


Thickness: 16 mm (0.63")

Length: custom made

Width: 1050 mm (3.44') - 1150 mm (3.77') - 1250 mm (4.10') 1400 mm (4.59') - 1600 mm (5.25') - 1800 mm (5.9') 2000 mm (6.56')

Delta Diam, rubber roll for animal circulation in milking parlour.

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