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Reduce feed intake stress with the Feeding Step.

Feeding Step is a composite platform installed along the headlocks. It meets the needs of the animal and gives the cow a longer feeding time without being disturbed during the scraping of the alley.

Improving comfort during feed intake.

Our solutions

Feeding Step allows stressless feed intake without competition between animals. The cows are no longer disturbed by the scraper passage during their meal, which brings serenity and comfort to the animal. Food intake is therefore continuous until satiety. The ration is then valued at 100% for maximum milk production.

Feeding Step optimizes feed intake. The flexible and non-slip flooring reassures the cow, prevents slipping and stops the discomfort of concrete while preserving the joints. The dividers installed every 2 cows, prevent jostling, from the beginning to the end of the feeding. Everyone eats their fill.

Product benefits
  • Built with plastic blocks covered with a 10mm (0.39’’), double textile inlay, supple and non-slip rubber.
  • 3 % slope on the last 450 mm (17.7’’) for urine drainage.
  • Custom length.
Technical specifications

Easy Install! New barns, renovation, even in occupied buildings.

No structural work.

Quick: 60 positions done in 6h by 3 people.

Maintenance: same as cubicles.

Fasteners included

Dimensions :

Depth: 1400 mm (55.11") 1500 mm (59") - 1600 mm (62.99")

Headlock side height: 130 mm (5.11")

Alley side height: 115 mm (4.53")

Benefits of the Feeding Step

By suppressing disturbance, minimizing dejections and calming the effects of jostling, the Feeding Step establishes an enhanced environment at the headlocks. It offers the cows an excellent combination of tranquility, comfort and cleanliness during feeding.

Good for cows, for milk production and the planet.

  • Excrement is directed away from the feeding area.
  • Keeping alleys clean also reduces ammonia (NH3) emissions.
  • The value of the ration is enhanced.
  • Production losses and/or premature culling decrease.
  • Better herd health condition.
  • Better hoof health with less digital dermatitis.
  • Dairyman’s comfort: eliminate concern about the scraper when a cow is isolated for treatment.

Studied and approved

The concept of the Feed Step in front of the headlocks has been studied and approved by the Swiss Confederation Agroscope.

The Feeding Step reduces the stress of cows during their feeding.

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