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The Sani-Feed feeding table flooring allows your animals to eat a more complete ration of their meal while maintaining good hygiene.

Sani-Feed is composed of double-reinforced polyan feed table flooring. It is a plastic floor covering, smooth, waterproof, dimensionally stable and UV resistant, particularly easy to clean. It also facilitates the work of the dairyman, because the feed distributed easily slides on its surface "like on an oilcloth". This system makes it possible to keep it appetizing of the ration throughout the day. In addition, the cover prevents food rot and bacteria.

Keep the ration clean

Our solutions

The use of concrete surfaces to distribute the ration in dairy barns can have drawbacks. Their degradation is inevitable, by abrasion due to tools, animals and personnel, accentuated by the presence of moist food, carriers of acidity and loaded with micro-organisms.

To answer this problem: offer a feeding table flooring that is faster to serve and clear, cleaner, and which offer a more appetizing ration consumed at 100%.

Product benefits
  • Double-reinforced polyan feed table flooring.
  • Cut-to-measure rolls for easy installation in new or renovation.
Technical specifications

Polyan roll

Dimensions : 

Thickness: 3.5 mm (0.14")

Length: custom made

Width: 1150 mm (45.27")

A healthy and clean meal

  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Avoids spoiling feed on worn or cracked concrete and eliminates bacteria nests.
  • Increase the feed intake and bacteria-free ration.

Sani-Feed, feeding table flooring for a cleaner ration

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