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Delta X phase separator makes it possible to separate liquid effluents from others for collection. This ensures better hygiene for your animals and mainly reduces ammonia emissions.

The quick separation of the urine outside the barn optimizes the cleanliness of the floor. The unpleasant scent of ammonia disappears, the cows breathe better as do personnel. Production is increased and chronique pathologies are reduced.

No separation, no 'wave'

Our solutions

In the alley flooring, two channels are fitted, housing the system of separation by belts. 3% slopes are created on either side of the channels to lead the slurry there by gravity and during scraping. The belts entrain the solid phase (feces) during their journey in the upper position, in the direction of a storage pit installed at one end of the building.

On the return journey they scrape the bottom of the channel, and carry the liquid phase (urine) to the other end of the building where it flows into a collection tank. The urine will be pumped to a storage silo.

By preventing slurry from forming by the mix of feces and urine, Delta X significantly reduces ammonia emissions in the barn.

Separately collected and stored, the components can be converted to a portion rich in phosphate that is easy to apply to composting, methanisation or to spreading as well as a nitrogen rich bio-fertilizer portion and both are free of charge.

Product benefits
  • Evacuation of urine to the outside of the barn.
  • 70% less ammonia emissions.
  • Cleaner barn floor.
  • Disappearance of the unpleasant scent of ammonia.
Technical specifications

Customised study, ask for an estimate.

Warranty 10 years*, except mechanical and wear parts. 

Come see Bessie

Her paws are dry and she is breathing better!

Delta X phase separator for dairy farm slurry - Bioret Agri

An innovation recognized worldwide

  • 70% less ammonia emissions with nano-filtering and adapted storage.
  • 25% less CO2 emissions which is 3 to 4 tons (6000 to 8000) per cow per year.
  • Reduction in nitrous oxide and methane emissions. Liquid waste, after being concentrated, can return to nature as a free and organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen.
Installation of waste removal in dairy barn Delta X - Bioret Agri

Study on the Delta X

A study in progress will soon give rise to a publication validating the improvement in the carbon footprint of dairy farming, with a quantified reduction in CO2 emissions per cow and per year.

Delta X, phase separator for dairy farming slurry.

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