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Worldwide innovation: the Magellan self-draining flooring acts against dermatitis and lameness.

The Magellan flooring reduces ammonia emissions by 40%. Magellan® is a rubber active alley flooring ensuring comfort and safety for your animals. It is composed of grooves allowing the continuous evacuation of liquids toward collection facilities and limiting ammonia generation.

Self-draining flooring, it had to be thought of…

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Do your cows experience jostling, slipping, or discomfort in their footing?

Indeed, concrete is not the natural environment for the hoof and the joints. Thanks to the installation of the Magellan rubber flooring, cows regain their posture, their freedom of movement and their natural behavior.

Indeed, the Magellan is thick, flexible and dry on the surface, which considerably reduces falls and thus protects the joints. Liberated from the risk of slipping, cows are more confident, heats are more obvious and easier for dairymen to detect.

Did you know that 95% of dairy farms are infected?

The presence of the bacteria responsible for digital dermatitis is not the only factor. It’s also the environment: humidity, an unclean building or an injury/tissue lesion to the hoof that can trigger the infection. With the Magellan flooring, the hooves are drier and the cows are in a cleaner environment. Plus, stones or pebbles fall in the grooves avoiding additional problems.

Product benefits
  • Grooves allowing continuous evacuation of liquids toward the collection facilities.
  • Reduction of ammonia generation.
  • Natural manure evacuation.
  • The animals’ hooves stay elevated above the excreted fluids and keep the claw drier.
  • Effective against hoof pathologies such as Mortellaro’s disease and strawberries.
  • Undeformable textile inlay.
  • Reduction of lesions causing lameness.
  • Reduces displacement difficulties.
  • Maintains milk production.
  • Less humidity, less ammonia, fewer injuries… less dermatitis.
Technical specifications

Factory assistance for the installation is required. 

6 years* warranty: on sand bedding, holding area and passages.

*Depending on GTS/product


Thickness: 25 mm (1")

Length: Custom made

Width: Custom made

Cows with healthy hooves will produce longer

Indeed, they will give 100% of their potential and will be naturally more fertile. And they cost the dairyman less.

Magellan dry hoof hard hoof cows - Bioret Agri

Fewer cull cows, more lactations

  • 40% ammonia emissions. The ammonia generation is reduced.
  • 1 additional lactation can yield +20,000€ net per year for a 100 cow herd.
Magellan rubber flooring reduction ammonia emissions - Bioret Agri

Scientists have quantified the benefits

Ground pressure distribution study on technical benefits of Magellan

Evolution has modified the hooves of hooved animals to adapt them to walking on softer surfaces.


  • Walking and standing on hard surfaces are not natural. They generate trauma, disfunction and excessive growth of the hoof’s horn.
  • These traumas are augmented in first calf heifers that are not genetically equipped to grow proper hoof pads.

It has been proven that Magellan combats the negative effects of pressure.

Magellan®, self-draining rubber for active alley flooring, comfort and safety.

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