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Soft latex mattress designed for heifers.

Young animals with good habits, brought up in comfort, this is the milk of tomorrow!

A suitable bedding

Our solutions

Primistar Ultimate is composed of a latex foam underlay, density 240 kg/m3 (D240), for long life. The underlay is protected by a polyan film to prevent rising damp.

The central design of the Primistar helps for better bedding retention. And the evacuation of liquids is done naturally at the rear thanks to its drainage grooves. The New Generation design has a 'peach skin' finish that is non-abrasive.

Product benefits
  • New Generation rubber cover, Bioret Agri exclusive, the strongest on the market.
  • Seamless and waterproof mattress for better hygiene.
Technical specifications
  • Concrete slope: straw 3% / manure 5%
  • Minimum maintenance: 150g (.3lbs) /day/cow*
  • Latex foam underlay + polyan moisture barrier and rubber covering
  • Fasteners included

(*) Chopped straw or sawdust …

Dimensions : 

Thickness: 40 mm (1.57'')

Lying space: 1600 mm (62.99'') for heifers from 9 to 18 months foam, density 240 kg/m3 (D240)

Length: dimensions of sections

Primistar mattress for smaller cows - Bioret Agri

Heifers also have the right to comfort

  • Custom dimensions and density adapted to size and weight of younger or smaller cows.
  • Comfort and good habits starting young.
  • Also suitable for veal calves.

Primistar Ultimate, the mattress suitable for heifers.

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