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Reference : 52 pouces : Réf. 06CY3652, 72 pouces : Réf. 06CY3600

High speed air flow to beat heat stress.

The only high-performance 360° recirculation fan with innovative technology thanks to the deflector. Assurance of energy saving with its "Brushless" motor.

Up to 32% energy saving

Our solutions

The Cyclone 360 recirculation fan is available in 52 and 72" depending on the architecture of the buildings. You have the possibility to adapt the speed of the fan to the animal's needs for optimal reduction of animal's body temperature. The Cyclone 360 diffuses a high air speeds of 0.5 (1.6') to 1.5 (4.9') m/s on the back of the cow which provide optimal cow cooling. The function of the fan is to remove the insulating layer of heat and reactivate heat exchange through the skin.

The Cyclone 360 is equipped with a brushless motor (2000 watt at 300 RPM), which ensures low consumption. You can save up to 32% on electricity use compared to a standard fan, to save 250€/year. (Calculation based on Mortagne-sur-Sèvre T°/Cyclone360-72”).

Product benefits
  • Belt drive = low maintenance.
  • Low noise emission.
  • Optional offset controller, 0-10 V setting.
  • Single or variable speed.
  • Zinc-coated steel frame, fiberglass deflectors.
  • Easy roof mounting.
Technical specifications

Automatic start and stop: temperature activated sensor.

2 years* warranty: belt, motor, regulator

10 years* warranty: 6 blades, steel frame, deflectors

*Depending of GTS/product


  • Cyclone 360/72" :

Diameter 2.12 m (6.95')

Height 1.20 m (3.94') 

Air Volume 80 000 m3/h

Speed 0.5 (1.6') to 1.5m (4.9')/s

Range 9m (29.5') on 360° 18 m (59.05') diameter


  • Cyclone 360/52“ :

Diameter 1.62 m (5.31')

Height 0.97 m (3.18')

Air Volume 45 000 m3/h

Speed 0.5 (1.6') to 1.5m (4.9')/s

Range 6 m (19.6') on 360° 12 m (6.95') diameter

Comfort is in the air

  • Management of heat stress in dairy cows.
  • The 360° top-down angled air flow allows for convection cooling.
  • Downward air flow reduces bedding dampness for better hoof and udder health, even in winter.

Scientists have quantified the benefits:

Effects of accelerated ventilation on dairy cows.

Study conducted by the JLU University of Giessen (Germany - April 5, 2021)

This study demonstrates that it is possible to reduce the temperature in dairy farms and the heat stress of cows.

360° recirculation fan suitable for barns.

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