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Wordwide exclusive: soft water kneeboard specially designed for the well-being of cows and the improvement of their milk production.

The Aqua Board® received a silver medal in 2012 at the Eurotier trade fair in Hannover, Germany. Installed at the front of the mattress as a sort of shock absorber where the water mass gently stops the animal where needed. Optimized restraint and comfort resulting in cows lying in a natural position.

Cow's lying position under control

Our solutions

Conventional systems such as straps offer a dissuasive screen, but accustomed animals do not hesitate to push it and relax it. It therefore loses its effectiveness and needs to be retightened regularly. Wooden stops (chevrons) are curative and block the animals well, but are detrimental to their comfort and can cause some trauma during shocks.

The Aqua Board kneeboard avoids shocks when the cow lies down and therefore offers comfort and zero trauma, unlike conventional installations.

At the forefront of the latest studies on animal comfort, the Aqua Board® kneeboard has been studied with the same objective as the other products, the well-being of the animal is at the heart of this solution. The kneeboard adapts ideally to the morphology of the cow.

Product benefits
  • Adapts to any type of cubicle.
  • Custom made rolls based on free stall dimensions.
  • Adjustable height according to your type of cow, genetics.
  • Height is adjusted by the internal pressure.
Technical specifications
  • Aqua Board roll. 
  • Closing valve, fasteners included. 
  • Flexibility and height are adjusted by the fill level.
  • Anti-freeze may be required in addition, depending on location, building type and orientation as well as wind, insulation and cow population.

Dimensions : 

Height: from 12 to 22 cm (4.75" to 8.6")

Length: per section length

The soft water kneeboard

  • Shock absorber: the mass created by water gently stops the animal.
  • You can modify these parameters with precision according to your experiences or even a change of batch: heifers, breeds, dry cows, etc.

Aqua Board, water kneeboard to satisfy dairymen and the comfort of cows.

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