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Reference : 01DM8015 - 01DM8020

The comfort of DMC... without the drawbacks!

With its 2 connected water pouches separated by a depressed area, the Pacific DMC (Dry Manure Comfort) waterbed helps retain straw and bedding.

Better bedding retention for optimal hygiene

Our solutions

The optimal pressure balance between the two pouches, allows an excellent bedding retention even when the cow moves.

By adapting to the morphology of dairy cows, the Pacific DMC waterbed is a product that will allow better milk productivity. Comfort foams for the knees fitted under the front on 60cm to increase comfort.

Product benefits
  • Custom made seamless rolls, with 2 water pouches per cubicle.
  • Granular finish rubber with double woven textile inlay.
  • Rear fastening of Pacific DMC mattress, with no visible fastener, no chance of friction nor injury for cows.
Technical specifications
  • Concrete slope: straw 3% / manure 5%
  • Bedding per cow per day: 3 kg (6.61 lbs)
  • Water pouch
  • Fasteners included

Dimensions : 

1.80 x 1.15 m (45.27'') - Ref 01DM8015

1.80 x 1.20 m (47.24'') - Ref 01DM8020

Pacific DMC comfort of waterbed - Bioret Agri

Better blood circulation thanks to water

  • Better bedding retention.
  • 2 connected water pouches + recessed in center area for better bedding retention.
  • Optimal pressure balance between the two pouches.
  • Bedding retention even when the cow moves.
  • Natural evacuation of milk and urine to the rear.

Pacific DMC to retain the straw in barns.

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