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Reference : 01PM8015 - 01PM8020 - 01PM9025

The Pacific waterbed resolves slope problems by offering comfort and robustness.

The Pacific mattress adapts to animal's morphology in order to offer maximum comfort. This mattress is a very solid and durable product.

Robust and comfortable

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Pacific is a cubicle waterbed that combines comfort and robustness for animals. Adapted to their morphology, its composition allows it to be durable.

It was designed with animal well-being in mind, which is why comfort foam for the knees are included.

Product benefits
  • Custom made, seamless roll with one water pouch per cubicle.
  • Comfort foam fitted under the front 60cm (23.62").
  • New Generation designed rubber with double woven textile inlay.
  • Easy to clean.
Technical specifications
  • Concrete slope: straw 3% / manure 5%
  • Minimum maintenance: 300g (.6 lbs)/day/cow*
  • Water pouch + polyan moisture barrier and latex foam
  • Fasteners included

(*) Chopped straw or sawdust …

Dimensions : 

1.80 x 1.15 lm (45.27'') - Ref. 01PM8015

1.80 x 1.20 lm (47.24'') - Ref. 01PM8020

1.80 x 1.219 lm (47.99") - Ref. 01PA80219

1.90 x 1.25 lm (49.21'') - Ref. 01PM9025

robust and comfortable Pacific waterbed - Bioret Agri

Better blood circulation thanks to water

  • Pacific® waterbed adapts to any type of cubicle.
  • Natural evacuation of milk and urine to the rear of the cubicle.
  • Protection of the hocks from abrasion thanks to the "peach skin" finish and reduced friction.

Pacific, resolves slope problems in your installations

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