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V-Bot increases the safety of animals during their movements and reduces ammonia emissions by 30%.

V-Bot flooring is a made entirely of rubber. This complete flooring solution complements a robotic vacuum scraper in circulation alleys.

-30% ammonia emissions

Our solutions

The cows feel safe, the movements on the rubber facilitate the detection of heat (proven by veterinary studies). The hooves of the cows sink into the rubber thanks to its flexibility and avoid the usual injuries suffered on hard floors.

With 3% slopes, the liquids are permanently directed towards the suction point of the robot vacuum scraper, facilitating its operation.

Product benefits
  • Concept compatible with all robot vacuum scrapers on the market.
  • Soft rubber flooring.
  • 3% slopes to direct liquids toward the suction area.
  • Complementary to the Feeding Step platform.
Technical specifications

Rubber roll. 


Thickness: 16 mm (0.63")

Length: custom made

Width: custom made

3% Slope 1500 (59.05") x 750 (29.52") x 30 mm (1.18")

Flooring system with robotic vacuum scraper dairy barn - Bioret Agri

Complementary to the Feeding Step platform

  • The V-Bot and the Feeding Step are complementary and can be installed in all new or renovated barns without specific preparation of the existing concrete.
  • This system prevents the cows from being in a situation of discomfort and imbalance during the cleaning of the circulation alley.
  • Winning combination for animal well-being, productivity, safety and hygiene.

V-Bot, rubber flooring compatible with the robot vacuum for the barn.

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