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Reference : Vertical : Réf. 04DS5032, Horizontal : Réf. 04GG5032, En boîte : Réf. 04BDS5032

Hair scratching for animal well-being.

Did you know that cows have a natural need to rub and scratch very often in order to shed parasites, scabs and mites? The Dairy Scratchy "ORIGINAL" therefore provides an essential component to overall cow comfort in stall. It prevents injuries caused by rubbing against concrete and metal parts of the barn.

The cow's "Fun Box"!

Our solutions

Shock-absorbing, the Dairy Scratchy "ORIGINAL" avoids injuries caused by jostling (concrete and metal parts). This system therefore provides an essential component to overall cow comfort. In addition, the multiple scratching points in the barn prevents competition-linked stress behavior by dominant animals.

The Dairy Scratchy is a moulded rubber product. For cows features, the vertical Dairy Scratchy is made up of:

- An upper 1000mm (39.3") area with 32mm (1.25") thick studs.

- A lower 500mm (19.6") area with a plain surface.

Product benefits
  • Without maintenance.
  • Easy installation.
  • Optional: the Dairy Scratchy support, for wall mounting or fastening to any vertical or horizontal tubular structure. (Sold separately).
Technical specifications

1 Dairy Scratchy unit per 10 - 15 cows max.

Fastening strips supplied without screws.


1500 x 500 mm (59.06" x 19.69")

Thickness: 18 mm (0.71")

BIORET AGRI Dairy Scratchy – Grat’O Gratte

Design adapted to the size of the animals, the lower part is smooth so as not to hurt the hocks.

The cow wins at scratching

  • Protects the wall.
  • Satisfies the well-being of the animals.
  • Living environment closer to natural conditions.
  • Exists in a horizontal version: Super Scratcher, for all types of animals. Adopted even by the rhinos!

Scientists have quantified the benefits :

CORNELL UNIVERSITY (NY) - 08/2009: The study was conducted on a 100 cow 2nd lactation sample versus a control group of the same size. It shows a beneficial impact of the rub (brush) on mastitis reduction and dairy production (+1kg (2.2 lbs)).

Hair scratching adapted to the well-being of bovine.

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