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Magellan flooring drains wet and slippery zones of robot or milking parlour holding areas.

Magellan flooring drains immediately the urines, which ensures optimal confort for cows by keeping their hooves dry. The installation of the Magellan 16 allow a dramatic reduction of foot and joints pathologies.

Better heat detection thanks to Magellan flooring

Our solutions

No more foot or joint pathologies in your cattle, the Magellan flooring provides a soft floor for movement.

With the installation of the Magellan rubber flooring in the holding area, you avoid cows falling. Free from slippage stress, cows are more confident making heats easier to detect by dairyman.

Product benefits
  • Immediat drainge of urines.
  • Better hygiene.
  • Reduction of foot pathologies.
  • Increase comfort.
  • Caoutchouc en rouleau sur mesure.
  • Rubber rolls cut to measures.
Technical specifications

Rubber rolls. 

Fasteners included.

Suitable for sloped flooring up to 10% max. 


Thickness: 16 mm (0.63")

Length: custom made

Width: 1000 (39.38") - 1250 mm (49.21")

Magellan 16 - rubber for zones of robot - Bioret Agri

Magellan flooring drains wet areas

  • Better heat detection and fertility.
  • Reduced cull rate and vet expenses due to slippage and falls.
  • Less stress and fatigue of the animal.
  • Increase comfort.

Magellan 16, the comfort of cows in holding areas.

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